McCracken Poston Jr.

Zenith Man

Death, Love, and Redemption in a Georgia Courtroom

Zenith man

True Crime Legends Speak

"A case that simply defies belief.  You can't make something like this up!"

- Paul Dowling, Executive Producer, with Vince Sherry, Senior Producer, Forensic Files

"Was this a case of murder - or a most unusual love story?"

- Bill Kurtis, A&E's American Justice

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McCracken Poston is a good storyteller and has a good story to tell, with the kinds of twists and turns that will make readers think it’s great fiction—except it all happened.

Jon Meacham

New York Times bestselling author, winner of the Pulitzer Prize

Poston found himself defending a guy everyone thought was guilty in what appeared to be a slam-dunk murder case. But the amazing truth in this true crime drama is there was no crime at all. It’s one hell of a story.

Jonathan Karl

author of Betrayal, Chief Washington Correspondent for ABC News

Poston is a natural storyteller in the great Southern Gothic tradition. He sees the pain, but finds the humor, too, and ultimately the humanity, turning a tale of murder into a remarkable story of love, friendship and justice.

Rory Kennedy

Emmy Award‑winning documentary filmmaker

McCracken King Poston Jr.’s skillful account in Zenith Man is a warning about prejudice, a rush to judgment, and how Americans who are different can be swept up unfairly in our justice system. An inspiring tale about courage and how both lawyer and client helped each other find redemption. A must-read.

Pete Earley

New York Times bestselling author of The Hot House, Crazy, and No Human Contact

Poston's unique voice has brought to life two fascinating characters thrown into a case that challenges our basic assumptions about law enforcement, the courts, and the media. You won't be able to put down The Zenith Man until the very last word.

Charles Bosworth, Jr, and Joel Schwartz

authors of Bone Deep
McCracken Poston Jr

McCracken Poston Jr

McCracken King Poston Jr, is a criminal defense attorney and former state legislator in the Georgia House of Representatives. He gained national attention for his handling of several notable cases that were featured on CNN Presents, Dateline NBC, A&E’s American Justice and Forensic Files.

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McCracken Poston Jr and Alvin Ridley, 2023.


McCracken Poston Jr

DALTON STATE COLLEGE EVENT TODAY! This one is for the whole community and will involve a student-led panel. Thanks to the English Department and Criminal Justice Department for hosting this event! BROWN HALL - ROOM 105, DALTON STATE COLLEGE, 3:30 P.M. - BOOKS AVAILABLE!

This story epitomizes the importance of the acceptance of those who may think, look, and act differently than the majority. Those who obviously, or subtly, walk to the beat…

Claude Byers of the Tunnel Hill Barber Shop sent me this 1996 painting of the late Salesman Sam, a/k/a Ben McGaha, by Willard Raper. In return, I sent him a framed photo of Alvin sitting in his barber chair, signed by Alvin. You never know when your stock may go up, even…


Thank you to all who have put their reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and other sites, even Walmart! Please encourage anyone who has read the book to do the same.
Last week I did a second podcast based in the United Kingdom, and this week there are more podcasts…

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Alvin had long admired former Catoosa County Sheriff J.D. Stewart. Alvin even sought J.D.'s blessings before selling a TV set to Stewart's political rival, Sheriff Lee Roy Brown (Stewart advised: "Go ahead. Take his money!"). But then Alvin blamed Stewart personally for his…

SMALL WORLD - I posted the full photo of this image a few days ago. Taken by People magazine photographer Thomas England at the Tunnel Hill Barber Shop in 1999, I didn't pay much notice to the probably bemused patrons in the background, waiting for their turn in the chair.

This is a case file in which I saved EVERYTHING, including the notes taken down from phone calls. Calls like this one were quite common, increasing in desperation as trial dates neared. This made staying focused on trial preparation very difficult!

Thank you again for the…

(Photo: September 9, 1998 law office phone message slip. Benita was quoting the caller verbatim.)
I can't say enough about Benita Jay Johnson and how she helped calm Alvin, even before I got to him to address his many concerns. Even after I pulled away from the secretary-sharing…

Before anyone gets mad… this was KEVN’S idea! He loves the book!
But I am honored to be invited! And there will be books at the merch table!

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